Peter Hain

Peter Hain

Labour MP for Neath between 1991 and 2015, Peter Hain was a senior minister for twelve years in Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s governments, where he served as Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland, as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and as Leader of the Commons. He was also Europe Minister, Foreign Minister and Energy Minister. He chaired the UN Security Council, and negotiated international Treaties curbing nuclear proliferation and banning the conflict-inducing trade in blood diamonds. His books include a biography of Mandela, memoirs Outside In.

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  1. Speakers Corner: X Questions with Peter Hain
    Speakers Corner: X Questions with Peter Hain

    In X Questions with..., your favourite historians and authors will discuss ten questions submitted by the public. We would love you to submit a question for Peter Hain in advance via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. This event will be held at the Storage Works Speakers Corner tent.

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    This talk will reveal the dramatic story of a political life fighting South African apartheid and modern-day corruption. Peter Hain has had a dramatic 50-year political career in Britain and his native South Africa. He will describe an extraordinary journey, from Pretoria to the House of Lords including the arrest and harassment of his anti-apartheid parents in the early 1960s, the hanging of a close white family friend, to enforced London exile in 1966. After organising militant anti-Springbok demonstrations, he became 'Public Enemy Number One' in the South African media. Narrowly escaping jail, he was framed for bank robbery and nearly assassinated by a bomb. As a British MP he exposed looting and money-laundering under President Zuma.

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