Festival talks by Mark Evans


The twelve years of the Napoleonic Wars, 1803-1815, saw Europe thrown into turmoil as Napoleon sought to dominate the Continent. In this special study morning, there will be an opportunity to look at a number of aspects of the wars in detail. Professor Tony Pollard, Mark Evans and Peter Ginn will reveal what has been learned from the recent major archaeological work at Waterloo, while Peter Caddick-Adams will examine the Peninsular War. At the Napoleonic encampment, there will be a chance to look at various aspects of the warfare from cavalry to infantry and artillery. Expert living historians from the Napoleonic Association will give practical demonstrations on horseback and about using black powder. There will also be a study session with a Napoleonic cartographer. A further feature of the morning will be a talk by Jason Salkey, who played Rifleman Harris in the long-running series, Sharpe. The morning will be followed by lunch in the dining tent with all the experts.

Introduction by Peter Caddick-Adams

Waterloo Uncovered – Tony Pollard with Mark Evans & Peter Ginn

Living History – Napoleonic cavalry, artillery & infantry

Rifleman Harris – Jason Salkey

The King’s Dragoon Guards at Waterloo: Why One British Cavalry Regiment’s                              Contribution was of Epic Proportions – Richard Goldsbrough

Limited places available.


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