Festival talks by Helen Tovey


In this study morning, we will be turning to the increasingly popular pastime of heritage and ancestry. Led by Dr Anna Whitelock, it will include a number of special talks and seminars. Author Richard Beard will talk about his very personal investigation into his own family history and a childhood tragedy he grew up with but knew very little about. He will explain the research he undertook to painstakingly reveal precisely what happened on a family holiday in Cornwall in the 1970s. Roger Hutchinson will talk about the history of the national census and what revelations about both ourselves and our wider history can be discovered, while Anna Whitelock will talk to Peter Snow about his lifelong obsession with keeping scrapbooks and explaining why this is such a practical and valuable way to record our lives. Finally, Helen Tovey, editor of Family Tree magazine, will present a workshop about how we can start researching and learn more about our family histories. This will then be followed by lunch with all the experts in the dining tent.

9.30am Introduction by Anna Whitelock
10.00am The Day That Went Missing: Delving into a Lost Family Tragedy by Richard Beard
10.30am: Researching Ancestry with Helen Tovey and Team from Family Tree
11.30am Coffee
11.45am History of the Census by Roger Hutchinson
12.15pm Scrapbooks of Life: Peter Snow with Anna Whitelock
12.45pm Lunch in the Dining Tent

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