General Sir Richard Shirreff

General Sir Richard Shirreff

Richard Shirreff was commissioned into the British Army as a cavalry officer after reading history at Oxford. In his 37 years of service, he saw combat as a tank commander in the First Gulf War, experienced many of the complexities of Northern Ireland during his three tours there and learned first-hand the challenges of bringing peace to the Balkans in both Kosovo and Bosnia. He returned to Iraq as a multinational commander in 2006-7. His last seven years in uniform were spent in two senior NATO command posts: Commander of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe; the Alliance’s deputy strategic commander and the most senior British general in the Alliance. Since leaving the Army he has set up Strategia Worldwide, a risk management consultancy.

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    In 2016, General Sir Richard Shirreff, recently retired Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, forecast the appalling events that we are now witnessing in Ukraine in his thriller 'Russia at War'. We are delighted that he will be joining us to discuss how Putin has been waging war by unconventional means for many years and how the failure to stand up to Russia, from the invasion of Georgia in 2008 to the annexation of Crimea in 2014, coupled with the relentless hollowing out of the military and defence postures of the West, have placed us all in grave danger.

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