David Hendy

David Hendy

David Hendy is Professor of Media and Cultural History at the University of Sussex. His books include Life on Air: A History of Radio Four, winner of the Longman-History Today Book of the Year Award and Orwell Prize nominee, and Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening.

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    In 1922, three men, only one of whom had previously heard of 'broadcasting', founded the BBC. In doing so, Arthur Burrows, Cecil Lewis, and John Reith set out to accomplish something utterly bold: using what had been a weapon of war - Marconi's wireless - to remake culture for the good of humanity. In the year of the BBC’s centenary celebrations, historian Professor David Hendy will trace the BBC from its maverick beginnings through war, the creation of television, changing public taste, austerity and massive cultural change. This will be a history of a now global institution that is as much of a National Treasure as the NHS, as well a reflection on 100 years of British history.

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