IPGL Outdoor Stage, Wed 23rd June 18:30 - 19:15 (45 mins)

Combining fiddle with guitar or bouzouki, Ribble will play a mix of traditional and contemporary folk tunes that range from melancholic melodies to absolute foot-stomping bangers.

Ribble was formed in 2019 after a chance meeting between Adam and Pete in Salisbury. They found they shared a northern childhood (hence Ribble, a river that runs through north Lancashire) and an interest in acoustic folk music. The first performances in the back rooms of Salisbury’s finest pubs were well-received, then the pandemic forced them out into the streets where they found people were not only willing to listen, but also willing to throw money at them. This then led to slots at local festivals and events which all resulted in repeat bookings. Ribble’s reputation keeps growing and the music keeps flowing.