Friday Thirties – all 9

, Fri 29th June 09:30 - 16:30 (420 mins)

Combined ticket for all 9 talks £29 or £5 each

Event 56. 9.30-10 THE AGINCOURT ARCHER
Dave Allan
Experimental archaeologist Dave Allan will discuss the day-to-day life of an English longbowman from his training to the skills needed. Drawing upon real artefacts from different bows to arrowheads, this will be a compelling insight into how these iconic English warriors fought and lived.

Antony Firth
Archaeologist Antony Firth has led the project to reinstate the wonderful Royal Warwickshires badge carved into the chalk at Sutton Mandeville and is planning to restore the Shiny Sevenths’ badge too. In this local history talk, he will talk about the history of the badges and the First World War camp sited there.

Event 58. 11.00-11.30 COOKERY IN IRON AGE BRITAIN
Caroline Nicolay
Caroline Nicolay is an experimental archaeologist and historical food caterer specialising in Iron Age Britain. Here she will discuss just what it was that Iron Age men and women ate, what evidence they left behind and how comparable our 21st century diet is to that of our Celtic ancestors.

Simon Elliott
Septimius Severus was one of the great Roman warrior emperors yet this fighting general and emperor, born in the heat of North Africa, died in the freezing cold of a Yorkshire winter in AD 211. In this talk, archaeologist and historian Simon Elliott will explain how and why, despite a massive army, he failed to conquer Scotland.

Event 60. 12.30-13.00 ANDREE’S WAR
Francelle Bradford White
Francelle White will recount the incredible story of her mother, Andrée Griotteray, explaining how a 19-year-old girl from an affluent Parisian family became an underground intelligence courier who took ever-increasing risks during the Nazi occupation.

Event 61. 13.45-14.15 FLYING LEGEND: ALAN COBHAM
Daniel Albon
Sir Alan Cobham was a pioneering long-distance aviator and a technical innovator who became famous for his exploits during the interwar years, making aviation accessible and popular throughout the world. DanIel Albon will explore Cobham’s numerous record-setting flights, inspirational flying tours and his lasting legacy within aviation.

Cobham learnt to fly in the RAF during the First World War and later went on to set many long-distance aviation records. He was the first person to fly from London to Australia and back – landing on the River Thames at the end of his incredible journey – and was knighted by King George V. His flying tours of the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa became affectionately known as ‘Sir Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus’. These tours promoted aviation to the public and were a source of inspiration for countless pilots in the Second World War. Cobham’s legacy lives on through his company which continues to pioneer aviation technology.

Event 62. 14.30-15.00 LANSDOWNE: THE LAST GREAT WHIG
Simon Kerry
Despite a distinguished fifty-year career as a statesman, ultimately Lord Lansdowne was branded a traitor for seeking peace with Germany in 1917. His great-great grandson Simon Kerry will present this great man in the context of his own time.

Gale Gould
During the reign of George III there was a perception of ‘a great scarcity of timber’ for naval shipbuilding leading to proposals for the New Forest, Hampshire, to be privatised – but was this modern history’s first instance of ‘fake news’?

Event 64. 16.00-16.30 RETREAT TO DUNKIRK
Steve Wisdom
Historian and storyteller Steve Wisdom, in the full kit of an English Tommy, will recount an eye-witness tale of one man’s retreat to Dunkirk in May 1940 and his eventual escape from the beaches. A compelling, vivid and dramatic retelling of one of the most pivotal events in the war.