IPGL Tent, Sat 30th June 16:30 - 17:30 (60 mins)

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Lauded by his friends, condemned by his enemies, remembered as a failed king, Charles I remains an elusive figure. Highly acclaimed author Leanda de Lisle will uncover a king who was radical, principled and brave, but also fatally blinkered, and who was loyally supported by his beloved wife, Henrietta Maria, a warrior queen and political player as impressive as any Tudor consort.

The Royal Literary Fund is a benevolent fund for published writers. It helps writers suffering financial hardship and has been doing so since it was set up in 1790. Over the years, we have helped many well known literary figures e.g. Coleridge, Ivy Compton-Burnett, James Joyce, and Dylan Thomas as well as many less famous writers.The RLF also has an education programme, which pays writers to work with students in 60 universities around the country. You may like to look at our website which includes writers talking about their work We wish to spread the word by, among other things, sponsoring talks at Festivals so that all the writers who need the Fund’s help will get to know about it.