Hiscox Tent, Fri 29th June 20:45 - 21:45 (60 mins)

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Our ever-popular history panel show returns with Fast Show comedian and author Charlie Higson as quizmaster. Dan Snow will be joined by Helen Castor and, for the first time, Al Murray and Paul Whitehouse. Sixty minutes of quickfire historical humour with new rounds and challenges for the teams.

John Session was previously shown as being a participant but is currently filming the next series of Victoria in Yorkshire and, sadly, cannot make it down in time. We are, however, absolutely delighted that Paul Whitehouse has agreed to come.

Described as ‘the greatest actor of all time’ by Johnny Depp, Paul Whitehouse is one of the most brilliant and creative comedians, writers and actors of the past thirty years. The winner of five BAFTAs and the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain Award at the Comedy Awards, he has, in partnership with Charlie Higson and Harry Enfield, created some of the most iconic comedy characters in British comedy history, from Smashy and Nicey to Loadsamoney to Ted and Ralph. With TV series such as The Harry Enfield Show, The Fast Show and Harry and Paul, he has also been responsible for a number of comedy catch phrases that resonated around the country, from ‘Suits you!’ to ‘Forty, forty-five years.’ He has also appeared in films such as Harry Potter, Finding Neverland and Alice in Wonderland as well as writing and starring in a number of other series, such as Nurse, Down the Line, and the award-winning Help and Happiness.