Baillie Gifford Tent, Fri 29th June 13:45 - 14:15 (30 mins)

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Sir Alan Cobham was a pioneering long-distance aviator and a technical innovator who became famous for his exploits during the interwar years, making aviation accessible and popular throughout the world. DanIel Albon will explore Cobham’s numerous record-setting flights, inspirational flying tours and his lasting legacy within aviation.

Cobham learnt to fly in the RAF during the First World War and later went on to set many long-distance aviation records. He was the first person to fly from London to Australia and back – landing on the River Thames at the end of his incredible journey – and was knighted by King George V. His flying tours of the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa became affectionately known as ‘Sir Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus’. These tours promoted aviation to the public and were a source of inspiration for countless pilots in the Second World War. Cobham’s legacy lives on through his company which continues to pioneer aviation technology.