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In the course of a long career in Sotheby’s and then as Fellow and Librarian at Corpus Christi, Cambridge, Christopher de Hamel has probably handled, and catalogued, more illuminated manuscripts than any person alive. In this inspiring talk, based on his prize-winning book, he will take twelve of the most famous manuscripts from the world’s greatest collections to shed light on nearly a thousand years of medieval history.

The Amber Foundation
Amber is a small but highly effective UK charity that works with young men and women whose lives have gone off track and offers them a fresh start. At their three residential centres in Wiltshire, Surrey and Devon they provide a chance for them to sort out their problems, build their self-confidence and gain the practical skills and qualifications they need for independent living and work.

‘Amber helped me grow up and kept me safe. It helped me develop new skills, learn new things and discover my passion for working with food. It’s an amazing feeling. The buzz I get out of work is better than any drug or alcohol.’ www.amberweb.org                                                                                                                                    Registered Charity No. 1051388